We help you connect better with your fans.


Unlike traditional social networks, we put the loved objects in center of the attention, not the owner. We call it Object Centric Networks. Or why not -the Social Internet of Things.

Brands have always been about the same thing… communities of like-minded people who share at least some of the same values.


Stuffstory is about passion. The thrilling sensation of discovering or sharing a special object and be connected with the community.

Create a participatory experience for your customers. Instead of “us-them” relationship, you can form a “we” experience.


You’re opening the door, welcoming them in for coffee, inviting feedback, and providing a space for interacting with like-minded individuals.

Do you want to connect better with your passionate customers?
Managed Communities

Managed Communities

For the love of old stuff, and eternal stuff.
For expensive stuff, and cheap stuff.
For exclusive and hip stuff. For bought stuff, and inherited stuff.
For your stuff.

Cars, houses, watches motorbikes, boats, art… We build and manage enthusiasts communities with the objects in center.



Connect your brand with its fans. You have to be where your consumers are and authentically connect with them. We customize the Stuffstory Platform and host the owner’s community for you.


  • Reduces support costs
  • Increases customer retention and engagement
  • Simple, cost effective marketing channel
  • Customer feedback on product direction
  • Cross promote and market
  • Build a stronger brand

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