We build the next generation of enthusiast communities and enable brands to connect better with their fans.


Unlike traditional social networks, we put the loved objects in center of the attention, not the owner. We call it Object Centric Networks. Or why not -the Social Internet of Things.

Objects with stories are more engaging than those without.


Stuffstory is about passion. The thrilling sensation of discovering or sharing a special object, historical item or classic treasure.

Introducing the StoryLine. We give you the opportunity to tell a deeply individual story to a community of people.


To engage with them, share in their stories and explore their legacy.

Do you want to connect better with your passionate customers?
Managed Communities

Managed Communities

For the love of old stuff, and eternal stuff.
For expensive stuff, and cheap stuff.
For exclusive and hip stuff. For bought stuff, and inherited stuff.
For your stuff.

Cars, houses, watches motorbikes, boats, art… We build and manage enthusiasts communities with the objects in center.



Connect your brand with its fans. You have to be where your consumers are and authentically connect with them. We customize the Stuffstory Platform and host the owner’s community for you.
Museums and Exhibitions

Museums and Exhibitions

We make your objects talk and enable interactivity with your audience. Why not invite your visitors to tell their stories?


TheScoot is a beta release of a scooter centric enthusiast community powered by Stuffstory.

You want to scream from the rooftops how much you love your scoot, and you don’t want that scream to be lost in Facebook’s sea of pet pics.


You need a pedestal for your scooter, where like-minded enthusiasts across the world can share your passion, and marvel.


TheMotorClassic is a beta release of a classic car community powered by Stuffstory.

Classic cars are about beauty, not efficiency. Yes, the screens may de-mist in 20 minutes rather than 20 seconds but it’s the honest weigh up between inefficiency versus character.


New cars—they can go from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. Yep…then what?

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