Objects with stories are more engaging than those without.
Stuffstory is about passion.The thrilling sensation of discovering or sharing a special object, historical item or classic treasure.

It gives you the opportunity to tell a deeply individual story to a community of people. To engage with them, share in their stories and explore their legacy

Stuffstory believes in storytelling.

Whether we’re sitting round a campfire or in front of a screen, we’re entranced and inspired by hearing a story that’s never been told before. Sometimes it’s the details of the story that move us; sometimes, it’s the unique way in which it’s told.
Stuffstory helps you to uncover the specific and individual facets of your own item’s stories, and enables you to tell them in an intriguing way.

The starting point is always an object. If the object doesn’t seem that captivating to you at first, it usually become so, with time.

Stuffstory is a never-before-seen combination of engagement platform, collections guide and storytelling tool.

Objects have their own stories to tell.

- we believe that delving into ancestry shouldn’t be limited to people.

Stuffstory helps to transform objects into significant objects.

Things with fascinating and well-told stories become more sought-after and valuable than those without. Through Stuffstory, you can uncover new information about your stuff and develop a new perspective.

When and where did it come from? Who made it, and who owned it? What is its value? And what can its value become with the benefit of insight, knowledge, and history?

It doesn’t matter what your stuff is, as long as you love it.

The ultimate meeting place for collectors, curatorsm, enthusiasts and experts.

We’re driven by people who are passionate.

Those of you who are collectors: who enjoy telling people about your stuff, and who want to know more, and be able to tell your stories better.

Those of you who are enthusiasts: who don’t want to keep your collections wrapped up and safe behind glass, but who want to test and appreciate them out there, in the real world.

Those of you who are experts: who are in the vintage, antique or arts trades, always on the lookout for new information, and sharing your own unique perspectives and expertise with others on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what your stuff is, as long as you love it.

We want to hear from all of you: whether you’re the owners of gadgets, vehicles, books, eggcups, fashion, art, villas… anything that you can think of. If you want to share and develop your knowledge, or if you want to connect with like-minded individuals to learn from and inspire, then we want to help.

like to drive my vehicles like they were driven at the time, to use them enthusiastically, but very much in my everyday life. To get know the history, to search for the former owners and seek them up to get a picture how they actually used the vehicle… that’s turns me on!

-Peter Sundfeldt, Journalist, photographer and vehicle collector

Objects connect us and make us time travellers... if you don't know the history, you always wonder where a beloved object has been before. If, by chance, you find out something, it's like striking gold.

-Katarina Karlsson, Stuff-nerd and Scooter-girl

After thirty years of heavy collecting (particularly books, prints, photographs and ephemera) and twenty of these writing on the mechanisms of collecting and the rare book trade, I have, thanks to Stuffstory, a truly unique concept to spread my knowledge and learn even more.

-Lars Forsberg, Swedish writer and editor

Share your stories with like-minded individuals.
For the love of old stuff, and eternal stuff.
For expensive stuff, and cheap stuff.
For exclusive and hip stuff. For bought stuff, and inherited stuff.
For your stuff.