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The hardest thing to do when telling a story is knowing where to start, our unique storytelling tool makes it incredibly easy to get started. We supply a whole host of templates that suggest content and display it beautifully. Our content picker allows you to add pictures from your computer and social media accounts, as well as embedding your videos from youtube.


When you tell a story, you want people to hear it. Stuffstory allows you to share your story accross all social media, and even embed it in other websites. Your story is presented using our storyteller, which scales to fit on all screen sizes and mobile devices.


Stuffstory is a repository for everyone's stories about things they love. Browsing through the site you can find stories similar to yours, stories about the things you're passionate about, and discover stories about things you may never have even thought about. From classic vehicles to eggcups, you'll be amazed at the stories you read.

I like to drive my vehicles like they were driven at the time, to use them enthusiastically in my everyday life. To get know the history, to search for the former owners and get a picture how they actually used the vehicle… that turns me on!

-Peter Sundfeldt, Journalist, photographer and vehicle collector

Objects connect us and make us time travellers... if you don't know the history, you always wonder where a beloved object has been before. If, by chance, you find out something, it's like striking gold.

-Katarina Karlsson, Stuff-nerd and Scooter-girl

After thirty years of heavy collecting (particularly books, prints, photographs and ephemera) and twenty of these writing on the mechanisms of collecting and the rare book trade, I have, thanks to Stuffstory, a truly unique concept to spread my knowledge and learn even more.

-Lars Forsberg, Swedish writer and editor

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